Consultation for Certification


Dominique is a Certified EMDR Therapist, a Florida 491 Approved Qualified Supervisor, and a Consultant-in-Training for EMDR Psychotherapy. She offers consultation towards EMDRIA certification, as well as ad hoc consultation for EMDR therapists that simply wish to discuss a case or improve their skills. 

The emphasis during consultation is on conceptualizing each case from the foundation of the standard protocol, and utilizing specialized protocols as they become necessary. Dominique strives to create a comfortable atmosphere where questions and mistakes are both expected and welcomed. She works to provide clear feedback and examples (and corny jokes whenever possible). Dominique enjoys collaborating with consultees on how to meet the unique challenges of each client-therapist relationship.

Dominique has a special interest in Complex PTSD, Dissociation, and Attachment Trauma. She has completed extensive advanced EMDR trainings and consultations in these areas, as well as a number of other mental health and trauma-related conditions. She is trained in R-TEP and G-TEP, as well as The Progressive Approach and Feeling-State Theory.

During consultation, consultees will be required to provide video recordings of their sessions to be used for educational purposes during the session. She will review this process, along with all of the other requirements for certification during the first consultation meeting. For your reference, here is the link to the requirements for certification through EMDRIA: Additionally, as Dominique is in training herself, recordings will be made of certification consultations, in order that they be reviewed with her EMDRIA Approved Consultants to improve upon her own training style and skills. 

For EMDRIA Trained Therapists seeking certification, Dominique offers both individual and group consultations. As a Consultant-in-Training, Dominique is authorized to provide 15 of the 20 hours required for Certification.  

  • Individual Consultations
    •  One-Hour Block: $100
  • Group Consultations (2 Therapists)
    • One-Hour Block: $60 per person (Applies to your group consultation requirement)
    • Two-Hour Block: $120 per person (One hour applies to your individual consultation requirement and one hour to your group consultation requirement.)

For EMDRIA Trained and EMDRIA Certified Therapists seeking Ad Hoc Consultation to discuss a case, sessions are offered on an individual basis for $100 per session.